When a legal problem occurs what happens before is most often a misunderstanding between two or more parties. Most of these problems could be solved by mediation. Our team includes authorized mediators with a license issued by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia who can provide a professional and impartial help to reach a peaceful solution of the dispute, i.e. to reach a compromise so that neither party is damaged or dissatisfied. Mediation is especially convenient in disputes regarding civil law (property relations, relations regarding inheritance, family relations, compensation of damage, consumer disputes) as well as in disputes between companies where a peaceful solution of ongoing disputes is required so as to maintain a successful cooperation.

It is an honor to have an expert in the field of media law in our team, too, thus we offer you a specialized mediation in this field. Mediation in the field of media law, especially when it comes to disputes regarding the right to honor and reputation and the right to freedom of expression, offers a quick and efficient solution and compromise between parties involved in a dispute and satisfaction of both parties’ interests.