Authorized court interpreters in our team provide translation of all types of documents (certificates, birth certificates, death certificates, etc.) and especially of documents with legal content (judgements, settlements, contracts) and regulations as well as all other forms of documents. Our translations are related to the following languages:

  • Slovak
  • Macedonian
  • Bosnian
  • English

Our translators produce translations from the abovementioned languages into Serbian and vice versa with a possibility of legalization of a translation if a client has such request (on the basis of the Hague Convention – Apostille).

Our team also offers oral interpreting for the abovementioned languages when it comes to business negotiations, congresses, conferences and seminars, court proceedings, arbitrations, public notaries and other state bodies.

Apart from translations, a special offer to our clients refers to the production of bilingual contracts which possible future disputes between contracting parties due to different linguistic interpretations brings to a minimum.